Do-It-Yourself Solar

Although many people want to install solar power, they find it still too expensive, even after the cost of solar panels has decreased substantially.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, i.e. capable and willing to take on a home improvement project, installing solar power can be very affordable and easy. The pay-back period can be reduced to just 5 years, and after that electricity is free.

Come join us, our Solar Barn Raising group will teach you and help you install your own solar power system.


Our group installing a roof-mounted system in Durango. A roof-mount is the least expensive and easiest to install.
A ground-mount system is a good option if your roof is too shady or doesn’t have the right orientation. It costs about 10% more but you can orient it directly South, with no obstructions, and it’s easier to brush off snow in the winter.
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