Tom Higgins — 6KW Ground Mount — 2013

Higgins 1
Finished Installation. This is a in-ground ballast mounted system, where the vertical piers are inbedded in blocks of concrete.


progress to date. no braces, self supporting and level, plumb and straight within 1/8". Ready for rebar.
Pipe frame welded in place — level. plumb, and square.


Chris welding channel in trench to rear post
Welding vertical pier to channel iron connecting the front and rear piers. The pipe is 3″ used gas/oil drill pipe. This batch of pipe had a plastic wrapping on the outside that was removed as much as possible.


Higgins 4
Details of pier connection and rebar inside the hole. Depth is approx. 30″.


pouring the trenches (ballasts)
Pouring concrete for the ballasts.


Higgins 6
Mounting rails and solar panels attached to pipe frame. The chicken wire attached to the underside to deter animals and children from damaging the wires.
Higgins 7
Inverter mounted on one of the piers. The feed wire connects to an electrical standup nearby. NEC requires an expansion joint in above-ground conduit.

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