Tim DiBerardino — 7KW Roof Mount — 2015

Before the Solar Barn Raising volunteers came out, Tim installed the mounting rails himself. They are attached to his raised seam metal roof with special clamps. Volunteers on a scaffold hand up solar panels as others attach them to the roof rails.


Many hands make for easy work. By participating in 2-3 solar installations, a homeowner learns the process, then the group comes to your house to help you install when you are ready.


DiBerandino 1
Finished installation. The mounting rails for this project are clamped to the ridges of the metal roof, so no holes were drilled in the roof. This attachment is only available for a raised ridge metal roof as shown; it does not work with ordinary ProPanel.


DiBerandino 2
A closer view of the installation showing grounding wire, junction box, and feed line (in conduit) leading to the Inverter.


DiBerandino 3
Wall-mounted Inverter inside the garage under the solar array.

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