Chris George Sr. — 2.5 KW Roof Mount — 2015

Rails have been attached to the roof. It’s very important that the mounting brackets are bolted to the rafters. Note that the ridge cap has been removed to help locate the rafters.


EnPhase Microinverters (a separate inverter for each panel) have been attached to the rails, and the group is locating the first panel on the rails.


Installation of the panels goes quickly.


Panel mounting completed. They are attached to the rails with top clamps (visible in photo) and end clamps. Every component has a different torque specification for tightening.


Feed wires and ground wire are connected in a junction box at the array and then travel through conduit through the roof to the home’s service panel. The photo shows one of the mounting brackets that attach the rail to the roof. Everything needs to be weathertight with special sealants.

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