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Solar Barn Raising Public Information Meetings

Are you interested in installing your own Solar Power System? Solar Barn Raising is a new Durango-based non-profit whose mission is to train and help Do-It-Yourself capable homeowners install their own solar power system. If you are interested in joining the group, and installing your own solar power system at substantial savings, attend one of the upcoming public information meetings.

Presentations will be held at two locations:
Mancos Public Library, Wednesday, March 22nd, 7pm
Durango Public Library, Room 2, Friday, March 24th, 7pm

Do-It-Yourself Solar

Although many people want to install solar power, they find it still too expensive, even after the cost of solar panels has decreased substantially.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, i.e. capable and willing to take on a home improvement project, installing solar power can be very affordable and easy. The pay-back period can be reduced to just 5 years, and after that electricity is free.

Come join us, our Solar Barn Raising group will teach you and help you install your own solar power system.


Our group installing a roof-mounted system in Durango. A roof-mount is the least expensive and easiest to install.
A ground-mount system is a good option if your roof is too shady or doesn’t have the right orientation. It costs about 10% more but you can orient it directly South, with no obstructions, and it’s easier to brush off snow in the winter.